By D E Wasake, FCCA, Principal at

Basic information


·         Agriculture

·         General Businesses (SMEs)

Sector focus:

Different sectors but a focus on the agriculture value chain in line with Gatsby Charitable foundations overall objectives.

Amounts provided:

·         Min: Ushs1,000,000

·         Max: Ushs30,000,000

Funding type

·         Loan (6 – 24 months) – both collateralized and uncollateralized.

·         Annual Interest (APR) including fees: 53.1 – 54.9% (about 4.4 – 4.5%per month). The interest includes insurance, stamp duty and loan commission fees (one off).

·         Technical assistance services provided by Uganda Gatsby Trust.

Key criteria

  • Limited information available online but it is expected that typical loan conditions apply including collateral (land title, car log book)
  • For some loans which are uncollateralized, a 10% deposit is required as a “guarantee”.

Further information


Gatsby Microfinance Ltd
Katwe Road next to GELP petrol Station
P.O Box 37828, Kampala. Uganda. ,

Who is behind the entity?

This Micro Finance Institution (MFI) is a spin off (subsidiary) from the Uganda Gatsby Trust which was originally founded in 1994 by the Gatsby Charitable Foundation (UK) in partnership with Makerere University

At the date of this article it however has no website but our research indicates that it had branches in Kampala, Mukono, Jinja, Mbale, Soroti, Fortportal and Masaka. . Its head offices are in Katwe.


What is the process like?

Like a typical Micro Finance Institution (MFI) application process, the process will involve all/some of the following:

  • Application
  • Due diligence process including a site/farm visit assessment to validate business activity;
  • Securing of the collateral (or deposit) and
  • Disbursement of funds in line with terms and conditions .


Our view/tips for success?

1. Proper Books of accounts and cash flow analysis: As this is predominantly aimed at active participants in the agriculture value chain, you must also be keeping good books of accounts/records for easy assessment of the business.

We suggest you start now to keep your books including having regular meetings (say with an accountant or business partners) to analyse whether you are profitable, what your working capital needs are and whether you can pay the interest.

2. Risk management and use of technical services. The agriculture chain has a number of risks. We suggest that before you apply for the loan, you get technical support services from the Gatsby Trust. After all knowing in advance what the loan process will be like will most likely be aided if you have received technical assistance to help you manage agriculture risks and hence ensure your farm or other entity can deliver sufficient returns to benefit from the loan and expand.

The Gatsby trust (parent company of the MFI) partners with Makerere University’s Faculty of Technology and so the leading edge research from the University as applied to agriculture may provide you with cheap and effective alternatives (such as animal feeds or improved varieties) which are critical in helping you maximize output.

Otherwise best of luck!  If you need further assistance or guidance, contact our team


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