By Dickson. E. Wasake, Principal,

Basic information


Nature Conservation/Biodiversity

Sector focus:

Eco-tourism, Wildlife Conservation, General Tourism Sector

Amounts provided:

The maximum grant for 1 year is $2,000.

Funding type


Key criteria


  • Must be an environment impacting project such as eco-tourism, wildlife , and general nature
  • Applicants must be citizens with projects outside the US
  • Applicants/project owners must have experience in the above fields/sector
  • Have an education component in it for human consumption and also have  lasting significance to the local population while involving it
  • Maintain accountability
  • The project should undertake research

Further information


Crowder-Messersmith Conservation Fund
Audubon Naturalist Society,
8940 Jones Mill Road,
Chevy Chase, MD 20815


Who is behind the organisation?

It was set up in honour of two nature/tourism defenders, Orville Crowder and Don Messersmith.

Its grants provide seed money to communities and individuals (typically outside US and a developed country) whose projects have not attracted major support from other sources.

Partners and Funders behind the Fund are mainly organisations, charities and individuals in the US and across the world. There are also funds obtained from donations by well-wishers.

What is the process like?

  • For one wishing to apply for the grant/fund, he/she must submit a 4 page application document following the Fund’s desired format. It should have in it the name and email of requestor, organisation, title of the project, summary, budget and relationship to previous work(s).
  • Applicants and their projects should be outside the United States or other developed country, and also involve the local population.
  • When a notification is sent to the applicant upon qualifying, one will have to provide bank information for an international bank transfer plus agreeing to present a project status report half way through the project and later a full project report, which must include an accounting of funds, a description of activities and populations receiving education and/or training, copies of any materials or publications that have been developed, and photos of project activities.

Our view/tips for success?

1. Benefit to Nature and Humanity. This should be top priority and in line with what the fund/grant supports. For example a biodiversity centre that benefits humans, plant and animal populations of a particular locality, having a lasting significance to local residents, protect threatened or endangered species or habitats and having public education component.

One of the beneficiaries from Uganda is Ms. Lilly Ajarova of the Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation Trust, Uganda

2. Observe Accountability. This is crucial because the grantee/grant receiver is expected to make good use of the funds provided to the project. Funds must go for salaries, material and publication development, meeting and training costs, field trip costs and not international travel or overhead expenses, taxes, utilities or insurance.

3. Previous Work Experience in Similar Fields. These fields might be eco-tourism, zoology, botany, environmental science and the like. This is because the fund is aimed at helping people who have the love and passion for nature and humanity, and most likely not for profit purposes-environmentally impacting eco-preneurs.

4.Timing. Applicants for the fund/grant need to be keen on observing time since the call for applicants usually lasts for a short time. For instance applications are accepted beginning December 1. Deadline for receipt is February 1. Decisions are generally announced by March 1.

Otherwise best of luck!  If you need further assistance or guidance, contact our team


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