Scott Anthony wrote a thought provoking article in the Harvard Business Review (HBR) on the above subject. The full article is here.  One of the key observations he makes is that 90% of people identify themselves as above average performers.
The sad reality of course is probably the opposite, i.e 90% are average and 10% either star or poor performers.

You can however help your company stand out from the crowd by thinking in a particular way:

What makes our company special?

In his view the company's executives should ask three questions to pinpoint assets that have the best potential to catalyze new growth:
  1. Why — really — do customers choose our offerings?
  2. Which of our capabilities are distinctly better than those of competitors?
  3. How difficult would it be for a garage-based start-up to replicate what we have done?

The external orientation of these questions is intentional, as it helps to combat the biases that blind even the savviest strategist.

Once you address the answer to this question, you are most likely half way there in being able to leverage your strengths to out wit your competition and achieve above average growth.

Best of luck and if you need any help, contact us to help you in developing your strategy.