Any seasoned sales person will tell you that the average person buys a product or service after 4 objections! Some even say customers only buy after 7 objections!
Let me paraphrase that, the customer will typically buy after you reach out to them between 4 and 7 times. We are going through a global slowdown and therefore customers are increasingly more careful about how they spend. It therefore means you need to reach out to them more than once.Some clever ways include online adverts that "follow you" even after you left a website. They use a customer re-targeting technology. You can read more about re targeting.

A simple alternative is to maintain an excel spreadsheet of telephone and email contacts of customers who express interest in your services. You can then send them periodical emails, say once a month to ask if there is anyway to help them. Make these e-mails informative as well. You can tell them about a new service or product range you have introduced. It is this new information that might pique their interest and brings you business.

The fortune is always in the follow up and most customers will not buy the first time round. In order to set yourself apart form competitors, invest in an excellent follow up program. For example assign staff to relentlessly follow up past leads or customers or set aside one day a month in your organisation for every one to review their emails and past records for potential customers.

I repeat: The fortune is in the follow up, doubt me? Ask Britain's sales trainer of the year, Andy Bounds.