By Isaac Sewaaya, General Manager at Inachee

Article summary
Despite many reports indicating Uganda is one of the most entrepreneurial counties, the Uganda business environment is increasingly challenging judging by the World Bank’s ranking of ease of doing business - which indicates that Uganda is getting worse (based on the last 5 years). 

In addition other indices of an economy's performance such as foreign exchange movements, disease and crime all indicate that the Uganda economy is going through challenging times.

Large and established multinationals have whole departments and teams dedicated to risk and risk management, but what about smaller enterprises in Uganda?

This hard hitting article provides real examples from our experience with some of our clients of the challenges of doing business in Uganda. It also provides a very insightful appendix which analyses the trends of the last few years of Uganda's ranking in the world bank list, the foreign exchange movements, disease statistics and crime statistics - which are all indicators of an economy.

This is one of the most critical reports we have written and believe it should be on the desk of every Ugandan Chief execuive, entrepreneur, investor and researcher.

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