By: Miriam Nansubuga, Consulting associate, Inachee

"Millennials do not like to talk on the phone to strangers. We like to click, touch and swipe for information. What we need is easy access to said information to help us make a buy decision quickly so that we do not delay the gratification any longer.

So declares Miriam Nansubuga, a Chartered accountant with Bank of Uganda, and who also provides some consultancy support to Inachee. She shares her views on how a Small and Medium Size Enterprise (SME) can use the internet to target the Millenials (18- 34 years old) in Uganda and the East African market.

The internet market is increasingly important for SMEs.  In 2010, per the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) there were only 645,000 subscribers. By June 2013 (a space of only 3 years) there were over 3.5m, a 551% increase!

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