By D E. Wasake, FCCA

Every year we write an analysis on the trends that will shape business in Uganda.  2017 is no different.

Summary of 2017 trends

These are expected to be:

  1. Power shift in global economy - a desire for fairness and sustainability
  2. A reduction in Uganda government expenditure – Worrying information from World Bank and Moody’s rating.
  3. Improvement in access to credit for business. Exciting trends from Mobile Money, FinTech and the FY 16/17 Budget.
  4. Improvement in ease of doing business. Improvement in our global ranking as well as reforms at the land registry and other changes are driving this and
  5. A shift to online shopping/activities. Online platforms like olx, Jumia, Kaymu and betpawa are dominating searches by Ugandans. You should pay attention to this shift for retail activity.

What is behind the above trends? Read the detailed analysis here.