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Testimonials from real subscribers to the "Advanced thinking newsletter"

So much insight and technical information

“…Now, I have been silent but not a single email you and your team sent me went unread. And I loved each and every one of them...

There is so much insight in each of your proposals [sent via the newsletter] and adequate technical information to boot. I have only lacked the necessary capital thus far but I’m working on it. I request you continue with the newsletter and blog....God knows we need it.” Raiden Dennis.

Research works are of value

I am an aspiring entrepreneur and hopefully I will be one in due course. However, I should say that your [newsletter] publications enlighten me and build my confidence in how businesses are managed and especially your research works are of most value to me.

Inachee has made me more knowledgeable about business even though am not trained in any business qualification. Thank you for the great work and keep those research and analysis articles coming. Best of regards.  Jurugo Adjumani.

Restaurant in Kayunga opened.

“One thing I can say is that I have been able to open up a restaurant [because of your newslette articles] were I was posted because such services were not there and that's Bbaale in Kayunga district although am having some constraints in finishing it fully but God willing if I finish it , it will be if not the best among the best restaurant in Kayunga district it's called Twizzy restaurant thanks.” Kakungulu Isaac.

Not junk mail

Thanks very much for this newsletter. It is very educative and informative. At first I thought it was just these "junk" mails people keep sending once in a while, but, I have learnt a lot since subscribing. Keep it up. Patrick Ouko.

Analysis of business ideas

First of all your news letters have really inspired me to get many ideas to startup my own business. Through your analysis of different business ideas I have learnt steps which I can use to start up a successful business. David Fox.

No payment for this recommendation!

I have not been paid for this!! But, If your a businessman /woman who is struggling with your business in Uganda, I recommend you to try Inachee consultancy firm .

How have i benefited?

Before i came across this consultancy firm, i was struggling to identify a viable and profitable business to start so as to supplement my income, but after searching and numerous referrals by people who have benefited from Inachee services, now am seeing the gains in my investment savings.

Inachee's consultancy services [through the newsletter analysis articles] helped me to start investing on Uganda's' stock exchange markets  where i buy shares and after some time i get back dividends.

I had no idea before ,what stock exchange is/was to be honest, but now am feeling happy .

It has without any shadow of doubt Inachee is one of the most exceptional business consultancy firm in Uganda, and I should recommend any one to try their services . Henry Ssozi.

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