By: D E Wasake, Principal,

Basic information


Established Cooperatives, associations and small business (at least 2 years’ audited accounts.)


Sector focus:

Agriculture/agro processing

Amounts provided:

Between $50,000 and $250,000.

Funding type


Key criteria

  • Application from registered/incorporated Ugandan entity(and individuals) that include the participation of the poor in setting objectives;
  • Provide maximum benefit to an underserved and marginalized population group; and
  • Sound business plan that can demonstrate long term financial sustainability


Further information

Mr. Taibu Nakueira

Country Programme Coordinator

Tel: (256) 312-260-2-47

 Who is behind the programme?

USADF is a US Government Agency formed by an act of the US congress to enable the people of African countries to develop their potential, fulfill their aspirations, and enjoy better, more productive lives. Project funding comes from a combination of US tax payers and matching funds from the Government of Uganda.

What is the process like?

  1. Submit an application form to the Country Programme Coordinator. The form is available online.  
  1. A committee decides to go ahead if the proposal meets the ADF grant criteria, the country’s programme strategy as well as funding levels.
  1. If successful, funds are disbursed quarterly, on receipt of relevant documents in line with a pre approved development work plan.

Our tips for success?

1. Innovative, Immediate and dramatic impact. The expectation is that the money provided will be one-off and solve a long standing need for rural marginalized populations in an innovative way that can hopefully be replicated.

2. Community involvement. Community contributions, say land, labour and materials count and so it is critical that it is a “community led” project and not only for benefit of the project co-ordinator.

3. Strong team. A lot of good projects fail due to inexperienced management. We recommend that the team should be responsive and transparent and include an experienced accountant and agronomist, as well as good financial and management internal controls. Or alternatively, have a plan for these as the project progresses.

Otherwise, best of luck.


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