D E Wasake,  Principal, Inachee Limited

Basic Information


Non Profit/Community development

Sector focus:

  • Combat HIV/AIDS
  • small-scale sustainable development projects

Amounts provided:

Maximum of $25,000 for one year.

Funding type


Key criteria

  • Submit applications in special format
  • 1 February 2013 application deadline
  • Community participation and contributions
  • Foster community self reliance
  • Can be completed in one year

Further information




Tel: 0414-259-791 ext. 6421/6444/6141

Who is behind the program?

There are two types of grants you may apply for as part of the Embassy’s Small Grants Program:

  • The Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Program. For community-based initiatives that have an immediate and dramatic impact on local communities
  • PEPFAR Community Grants to Combat HIV/AIDS. For small-scale development projects to provide care and support to people living with HIV/AIDS (PHA) and orphans and other vulnerable children (OVC).

What is the process like?

1. Submit application in special format. When you send email to the above address, an automatic reply will send an application form for both programs.

2. Response to proposal. Responses are typically within 7 months if received by the Feb deadline. Verification might include a site visit.

3. Award. A shortlist list is presented to a committee for selection. Awards will be made between February and September 2013.

Our view/tips for success?

1. Innovative, Immediate and dramatic impact. The expectation is that the money provided will be one-off and solve a long standing need.

2. Community led. Community contributions, say land, labour and materials is critical evidence that indeed it is a “community led” project and not say for benefit of the project co-ordinator.

3. Keep it simple and short (KISS). My experience when applying for American visas has been simple and straightforward. In both instances, in Kampala and in London, I was at the application booth for not more than 3 minutes!

Likewise your grant application should be simple, honest and straight forward, no long winded answers please.

Otherwise, best of luck.


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