By D E Wasake, FCCA, Principal

Basic information


Typically established businesses (3 years)

Sector focus:

None in particular but likely to prefer: consumer products, manufacturing, logistics and transport, food and agri business and real estate.

Amounts provided:

 $1,000,000 - $20,000,000 (depending on type)

Funding type

Private equity (typically funding for established businesses)

Key criteria

Like many private equity firms, the key criteria is:

  • Profitable and with a plan for growth
  • Well rounded management team
  • Have a competitive advantage in chosen market

Further information

Media Plaza, 1st Floor, Plot 78 Kiira Road,

P.O Box 72437, Kampala

Tel: +256 (0) 414 531451




Who is behind the entity?

Based on information from the company’s parent company,, it would seem that the African operations are a subsidiary of a Guernsey based group with a variety of investors.

 Executive chairman, Phil Goodwin is a founding investor having led the management buyout in 2002 of HSBC Private Equity to Montagu Private Equity. It is therefore likely that funds are provided from a number of institutional/sophisticated investors including from Montagu.

Luke Kinoti, Chief Executive and also a co founder has an SME financing background and therefore it is likely that through his contacts, funds from MFIs were provided to this entity.

What is the process like?

This is not clearly set out on the website but for private equity, it is expected that the process from start to finish will include:

In summary:

  • An initial executive summary from your business plan is submitted to them;
  • If they are interested, it is more likely that they will then request for a detailed business plan;
  • Thereafter they will follow this up with a face to face meeting to assess the opportunity and consider how to structure the deal (e.g debt, equity or mixture of both);
  • Once they approve the financing in principle, the other aspects to consider include the due diligence and closing.
  • At closing and depending on the structure (if equity) the fund expects to take a strategic minority (say 25-49%) or in a few cases majority shares.

Our view/tips for success?

1. Existing Business with high growth. The borrower’s business should have been or should be in operation during the period the loan is being applied for. The business thus should be able to show proof of generation of cash flow streams for the past or current periods. As a result of this, a business ought to be registered as a legal entity and with a growth strategy/plan. It is expected that your forecasts should be able to generate returns of at least 20% per annum (considering the risks of investment in Africa).

2. Quality of team. Like in many private equity and venture capital firm, the quality and competitiveness of your staff matters a lot, especially for Corporate Financing. This goes down to the structure and composition of the Board of Directors/Governors of the entity with who decision making in relation to investing, expansion and development plans/strategies are vested in.

3. Collateral Security. Considering the preference for sectors like real estate and manufacturing (where assets purchased are collateral), it is likely that a business with collateral/assets (rather than a services based entity) is preferred.

Otherwise best of luck!  If you need further assistance or guidance, contact our team


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