D E Wasake, Principal Inachee.com

"To be successful in business, you do not necessarily have to be an inventor with a completely original idea.  Some of the most successful companies in Uganda are “copy cats”. "

The companies listed here are based on a list from inc.com. I have analyzed some of them to give you a summary.

Why are these companies “crazy”? You ask?  Well, the inc.com article uses the word “audacious” which really means bold, fearless, courageous etc.

I use the word “crazy” in a good way. Some of the most successful companies start from an idea everyone says is “crazy”. Imagine what some of these companies are doing:

  • Creating Wireless Internet (WIFI) from a spray
  • Producing a human kidney using a  printer (a 3D one)
  • A $700m turnover company producing tomatoes in a company with 400 employees and no boss at all

Reading the above you indeed would agree that these seem “crazy” but these are the ideas that are already being tested and in many cases are being used. These ideas like say 3D printing will drive the world tomorrow. 

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