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COVID 19: Business opportunities for Uganda

Posted by The Blog Administrator on Saturday, May 9, 2020, In : business ideas 
By D E Wasake, FCCA
May 2020


I cannot tell you if I am a modern prophet, but the fact of the matter is that in 2014 I told a high profile Ugandan investment convention in London in 2014 that “every business is a digital business”. The Vice President, Edward Ssekandi was there as guest of honour but I don’t know if he heard me. There were many MPs (like Aida Nantaba), dignitaries and so were prominent business representatives. I believe BMK (of Hotel Africana) and Wafula Oguttu...

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A Millenial speaks: Get your internet right or we will .....

Posted by The Blog Administrator on Tuesday, October 21, 2014, In : internet strategy 

By: Miriam Nansubuga, Consulting associate, Inachee

"Millennials do not like to talk on the phone to strangers. We like to click, touch and swipe for information. What we need is easy access to said information to help us make a buy decision quickly so that we do not delay the gratification any longer.

So declares Miriam Nansubuga, a Chartered accountant with Bank of Uganda, and who also provides some consultancy support to Inachee. She shares her views on how a Small and Medium Size Ent...
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Why you urgently need a Diaspora Strategy

Posted by The Blog Administrator on Monday, November 11, 2013, In : innovation 

There is a second revolution coming to Uganda. It is the Diaspora revolution.

Who are they? What do they want? But more importantly, how can a Ugandan business reposition itself to take advantage of this group of people who now contribute about $1bn or 25% of Uganda’s budget?

Who are the Diaspora?

In summary Diaspora is a term used to refer to persons with a similar heritage or homeland, but who are no longer living there. In Uganda, these persons are commonly referred to as “Ugandans...

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Three questions to jumpstart your company's growth.

Posted by The Blog Administrator on Tuesday, February 5, 2013, In : strategy 
Scott Anthony wrote a thought provoking article in the Harvard Business Review (HBR) on the above subject. The full article is here.  One of the key observations he makes is that 90% of people identify themselves as above average performers.
The sad reality of course is probably the opposite, i.e 90% are average and 10% either star or poor performers.

You can however help your company stand out from the crowd by thinking in a particular way:

What makes our company special?

In his view the com...
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