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July 3, 2014
20 signs your business is succeeding... or failing

D E Wasake, FCCA

If your business exhibits 10 of the first signs, then you know that your business is on the right path, on its way to success?  You are hot! However if on the other hand, your company exhibits the latter 10 signs, its time to re – think. You are heading towards the cooler of failure... You need to be afraid!

In this article, I explore from my experience (with help from various business sources) the tell tale signs of success or failure. Some are obvious; some are not so obvious......

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The Website problem: Are websites still relevant?

March 22, 2014
D. E Wasake
In Uganda, companies do not seem to care about the importance of websites. The Top 100 firms for example, companies which have revenues of at least Shs. 360m (and maximum Shs. 25 bn) are doing quite well. Especially considering that 67% of Ugandans are vulnerable to poverty (hence on about Shs. 3,000 a day).

However when a Ugandan firm did research on how many of these top companies had a website, the results were shocking.

60% of them have no website!

Why is it shocking?

Well for sta...
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What did Ugandans care about in 2013?

December 31, 2013

Google, the world’s largest search engine on an annual basis analyses worldwide trends of what the world searches for. It presents this analysis annually including the latest:  “Google Zeitgeist 2013”.

On a global level, the world was searching for People (like Nelson Mandela and Oscar Pistorius), Events (like the Boston Marathon, Typhoon Haiyan and the Chinese New Year), Movies (like Iron Man 3, Despicable me 2 and Django Unchained) as well as YouTube Videos (like Ylvis’ the Fox, ...

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Is your team high performing?

December 3, 2013

High-Performance Research

The Center for High Performance (CfHP) believes that high performance starts with the work environment.

To determine the specific characteristics that are necessary in a high-performance work environment, CfHP conducted a study of more than 3,000 knowledge workers around the world. The study–the largest and most in-depth of its kind–identified a global standard for high performance based on 45 work-environment attributes. Workgroups that scored high on these ...

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Why you urgently need a Diaspora Strategy

November 11, 2013

There is a second revolution coming to Uganda. It is the Diaspora revolution.

Who are they? What do they want? But more importantly, how can a Ugandan business reposition itself to take advantage of this group of people who now contribute about $1bn or 25% of Uganda’s budget?

Who are the Diaspora?

In summary Diaspora is a term used to refer to persons with a similar heritage or homeland, but who are no longer living there. In Uganda, these persons are commonly referred to as “Ugandans...

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The 25 "craziest" companies: "Steal" these ideas

September 4, 2013
D E Wasake, Principal

"To be successful in business, you do not necessarily have to be an inventor with a completely original idea.  Some of the most successful companies in Uganda are “copy cats”. "

The companies listed here are based on a list from I have analyzed some of them to give you a summary.

Why are these companies “crazy”? You ask?  Well, the article uses the word “audacious” which really means bold, fearless, courageous etc.

I use the wo...

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Tough talk: Just pay the $%$$ taxes

August 11, 2013
I'm pretty pissed off. A friend woke me up on Saturday morning seeking tax advice. But what he really wanted was advice to ensure he doesn't pay a cent in taxes!

This article provides a “tongue in cheek” look at the culture of tax non compliance in Uganda and provides a few options on how to deal with tax planning in ways which can save the business the “head ache” of having to deal with “Caesar the taxman”.

It also provides insights into changes in the global economy that might sh...
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Your prices are too high! How to deal with price objections

July 23, 2013
Not everyone buys on price, period! If people really bought on price all the time then there would only be one model or kind of anything: the cheapest. Why then do price objections feature heavily when dealing with customers? This article provides tips on how to handle price objections.

The full article is here. 

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Corporate governance: Who is watching your back?

May 23, 2013

Every time something goes wrong, it has most likely been because the watchman was asleep or away.

Hollywood movies of course mostly portray the watch man or security guard to be too inexperienced for the super hero (or thief); this is an exaggeration of course. 

In real life, a company’s watchman: The owner/manager, the board of directors, the independent financial advisor or lawyer is usually well experienced and can significantly help a company in its corporate governance.

But firs...

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A case for exceptional customer service

May 6, 2013

It is a well known fact that typically 80% of your business comes from your existing clients (80/20 rule).

Businesses that excel create what is called a “value proposition”. A set of unique benefits that they alone can provide to customers.

In the following two stories or examples, we clearly demonstrate two unlikely sectors whose owners created an excellent value proposition.  The first is a dentist and the second is a taxi driver (or a special hire in Uganda).

To read the article cli...

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