Another load of marketing rubbish?

If you are in business (rather than an NGO or charity or perhaps not selling a necessity like electricity), you have one primary aim: To sell more.

It is so difficult to get credit from banks and other parties in Uganda and as such selling more means seems like the only key means of growing your business. It is why we are passionate about sales.

Now a lot the information I am about to provide comes from two of the world’s leading marketing experts (but backed up by our experience).

This stuff works for us

I am not providing it because it’s from some “best seller” book or so called “marketing guru” but mainly because plain and simple:  This stuff works. It is working excellently for us.

Our client portfolio is growing rapidly, despite it being a very challenging economic environment. It has worked for employers I worked with when we tested it. It can work for your business or organization as well.

Hopefully instead of ignoring this, you will choose the “lazy” option which is to try these principles and save yourself loads of years of wasted effort of trial and error.

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