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Tough talk: Just pay the $%$$ taxes

Posted by The Blog Administrator on Sunday, August 11, 2013, In : tax 
I'm pretty pissed off. A friend woke me up on Saturday morning seeking tax advice. But what he really wanted was advice to ensure he doesn't pay a cent in taxes!

This article provides a “tongue in cheek” look at the culture of tax non compliance in Uganda and provides a few options on how to deal with tax planning in ways which can save the business the “head ache” of having to deal with “Caesar the taxman”.

It also provides insights into changes in the global economy that might sh...
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These tax tips could save you millions

Posted by The Blog Administrator on Wednesday, March 20, 2013, In : tax 

About the Writer

D E Wasake (FCCA) is a principal at a thought leadership firm in Uganda.

I have collected this information from my experience with clients in Uganda, review of tax laws in Uganda as well as from insights from an associate of ours, an experienced officer currently working with Uganda Revenue Authority (URA).

How can you avoid or reduce tax payment? This is the objective of this article. It provides tips to reduce your tax exposure including through tax avoid...

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