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Diversify your investments...But Where?

Posted by The Blog Administrator on Tuesday, October 21, 2014, In : business ideas 
By Julius Masaba Business associate, Inachee

In this article, Inachee business associate Julius Masaba thinks of Investment for the future to be "akin to an egg laying many eggs".

He goes on to discuss some of the investment options in Uganda available including Savings/deposit accounts, NSSF savings and Treasury Bills/Bonds.

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On Financial Literacy

Posted by The Blog Administrator on Tuesday, October 21, 2014, In : financial literacy 

By Ronald Emojong, Business Associate, Inachee

In the bible in Hosea 4:6, God says "My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge". In business, this verse seems to apply as well - we need to obtain financial literacy.

Ronald Emojong, a business associate at Inachee drives the point home with his guide to financial literacy for doing business and ac...

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Abracadabra! Business magic

Posted by The Blog Administrator on Tuesday, October 21, 2014, In : business failure 

By Grace Khaukha, Business Associate, Inachee

"Have you ever had or seen a great business idea that looked nice on paper but when you set it up it did not turn out as easy as it sounded? Abracadabra!!?" 

Grace Khaukha, a business associate at Inachee and also a business owner shares her views in this article about the steps to business success (or is it magic).

With a high failure rate of business in Uganda, estimated at over 50%, perhaps understanding business magic is the solution.

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A Millenial speaks: Get your internet right or we will .....

Posted by The Blog Administrator on Tuesday, October 21, 2014, In : internet strategy 

By: Miriam Nansubuga, Consulting associate, Inachee

"Millennials do not like to talk on the phone to strangers. We like to click, touch and swipe for information. What we need is easy access to said information to help us make a buy decision quickly so that we do not delay the gratification any longer.

So declares Miriam Nansubuga, a Chartered accountant with Bank of Uganda, and who also provides some consultancy support to Inachee. She shares her views on how a Small and Medium Size Ent...
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