Andy Bounds won "Britain's Sales Trainer of the Year" award in 2009 and he is the author of the best selling book, "The Jelly Effect". I have attended two of his courses and they are transformational. Below are some of his tips on how to sell more and communicate more effectively.

1. Communication is only effective if it achieves the do, If there is no call to action, customers won’t act. e.g call us now, click this link etc.

2. In writing a proposal, think of two things from the client's perspective; What they want and Why they want it. Address those two things and if the customer buys. Don't say more, shut up!

3. In an email or agenda. In the first paragraph, state the purpose.  This provides clarity for all and makes communication shorter and yet more effective.

4.Your existing customers are your greatest source of new business. Two simple but powerful questions to win more business from them.

a) What are your goals - How else can we help you to achieve them?
b) Who else (who you know) can we help?