Extracted from teleconference call with Chris Cardell, one of the world's leading marketing experts

  1. Re-activate Past Leads-People who have expressed interest but not bought
  2. Test Direct Mail-Takes you direct to people’s homes and offices
  3. Have at least a 7 Step Sales Process –You need on average 7 points of contact with potential customers before a sale is made.
  4. Follow up enquiries with a telephone call 
  5. Establish your customers' needs   What do they want?-Find out their needs and how you can meet them
  6. Have a proper referral Strategy –Current customers are the best source of new customers (a) Ask for all referrals (b) Ask “who do you know who would be interested in my business”
  7. Test Lead generation Advertising –Get people to contact you
  8. Relentlessly focus on the benefits of your product or service –Can you name 3 benefits of your product off the top of your head?
  9. Capture more e-mail Addresses –use website, offer more information e.g information pack in return for email address
  10. Use an auto responder to drive your Email Marketing
  11. SEO - Spend a few hours each month getting incoming only links to your website-consider asking suppliers to link to your site
  12. Test pay per click Advertising
  13. Aim to get at least £50,000 Free Public Relations coverage each year –Can we target producers to feature us on their show?
  14. What are you an expert in that the media might be interested in?
  15. Networking, Events and Exhibitions - Give people the  real experience
  16. Change the copy  in your Advertising and Marketing-rather than new advertisement, how about changing headline of current one?
  17. Offer Explicit   Guarantees e.g set up in 15 minutes or $2 free, guarantee at least 50% saving in your telephone costs or get your money back 
  18. Give free Stuff in Advance
  19. Understand that doubling your sales to your existing customer is the equivalent of doubling the number of customers that you have
  20. Set a target e.g to double existing customers.